Shooting in Myanmar

“We believe in people in each unique personality in what everyone of us can give”

It’s the little things that matter specially when you’re shooting. But the little things that are always the hardest to find.That’s why Maison Myanmar film & Production made it our mission to make your production simple again.We only to offer great information that will transform the way our experience to the most  interesting ultimate location shooting in Myanmar.

We’ll input our professional film language offer service solution to you all, in term of facility : crew equipment post-production and many more from what? to order requirement, inspire when to travel and who to ask for. "

" There is no such thing as absolutely truth.
We build it up together
We built it up towards progress "

Spirit of the nature


Why Myanmar?

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Varity of locations

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Professional Production Services

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Reasonable Budget


Why Maison?

Maison is point to the best  film production in Myanmar. We treat our client as our family members with care, honesty and straight  forward ethics. We commit to the best quality therefore we open to all source of creativity and innovation with contribute to the success, consistent  2-ways communication with client is crucial and we do respect all idea. Yes, our professional team is ready to work with all type cultural environment. You will not regret to work with Maison.

Experienced crew

High standard